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Digital Infrastructures

By now, our world is full of digital communication. Hardly a company can exist without computers, and by now most people find their PC to be more indispensable than their TV. Through all those computers, and all those networks, there is a constant stream of digital information: business information, e-mail, but also photo's, music and video.

These digital infrastructures are expanding and getting more complex, and we are becoming more and more dependent on them. They have to be made cheaper, better, more efficient, robust and safe.

It is my mission to help create better and safer digital infrastructures that allow people to communicate, collaborate and be in control of their lives. See the column on the right for examples of how I do this.

Regularly I post some observations on my blog Peter's Griddle. The latest entry:

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My clients

A large internet provider needed a good approach to balance between cost of service and user satisfaction. After I worked with them they shot up the charts and ranked number two.

A large government organisation aimed to reduce its cost by setting up a shared services organisation for their ICT. With my participation they have developed a good understanding of the current cost structure, allowing them to save money and improve services.

A large internet bank was so successfull that they risked running into performance problems. With my analysis they could better manage their growth, avoiding bad publicity.

A consultancy that I happened to work for merged with a larger professional services organisation. As a project leader I delivered a consolidated data network, allowing the two groups to collaborate more effectively. See also IP migratie (in dutch).

An organisation with SAP/R3 instances in multiple countries wanted to consolidate these instances in one country, but were unsure if the international datanetwork would be a high risk. With my analysis they could see where the risks in the sizing and the governance were. See also network assessment (in dutch).

For a number of organisations I have ran stresstests and performance studies. This reduces the risks of bad performance for these organisations.

For more professional history see here.

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